Which of the Following Is True With Regards to an Important Sign of Renal Trauma?

You might also be thinking, Which of the following is incorrect with regards to pyelonephritis?

Which of the following statements about pyelonephritis is incorrect? The kidney may be seriously damaged if pyelonephritis is left untreated, and antibiotic treatment typically fails to cure the condition. Which of the following statements about a key symptom of renal trauma is correct?

But then this question also arises, What cushions the kidney and helps attach it to the posterior body wall?

The perirenal fat capsule protects the kidney by cushioning it and assisting in its attachment to the posterior body wall.

Which of the following is associated with the role of the kidneys?

The kidneys are chemical factories that accomplish the following tasks: they eliminate waste from the body. Drugs must be removed from the body. The fluids in the body must be balanced.

What are the warning signs of kidney infection?

– There is a fever. – I’m getting chills. – Pain in the back, side (flank), or groin. – Pain in the abdomen. – Urination on a regular basis. – Urge to urinate is strong and constant. – When urinating, there is a burning feeling or discomfort. – Vomiting and nausea.

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What are the classic signs of pyelonephritis?

Fever, costovertebral angle discomfort, and nausea and/or vomiting are the hallmark symptoms of acute pyelonephritis. However, they may not all be present, or they may not occur at the same time. Symptoms may range from mild to severe, and they generally appear over the period of many hours or days. 01.07.2021

Which of these statements is true regarding antidiuretic hormone ADH?

Which of the following statements about antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is TRUE? The permeability of the late distal tubule and cortical collecting ducts to water is increased by ADH. The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) is activated by which of the following? Which of the following statements concerning tubular reabsorption is NOT correct?

What usually attaches the kidneys to the Retroperitoneum?

capsules made from adipose tissue

Which layer of support tissue holds the kidneys in the retroperitoneal position?

This indicates that they are retroperitoneal in nature. Each kidney is maintained in place by connective tissue called renal fascia and is protected by a thick layer of adipose tissue called perirenal fat.

What is the hilum of the kidney?

The hilus is where the renal arteries and veins, lymphatic vessels, nerves, and the enlarged upper extension of the ureters all enter and leave.

Which of the following is regulated by the kidneys?

The kidneys keep track of the composition and volume of the body’s fluids. They aid in maintaining blood chemical equilibrium and regulating salt, potassium, and calcium levels in the body. The kidneys assist to control blood pressure by removing waste materials and excess water from the body.

What is the role of kidney in our body Class 7?

The kidney is the body’s primary excretory organ. It eliminates urea via urine.

What are the early warning signs of kidney failure?

– You’re more weary, have less energy, or find it difficult to concentrate. – You’re having problems falling asleep. – Your skin is dry and itching. – You have an increased need to urinate. – Your pee has blood in it. – Your urine has a frothy consistency. – You have puffiness around your eyes that persists.

What are the symptoms of kidney swelling?

Side and back pain that may radiate to the lower abdomen or groin. – Urinary issues, such as urination discomfort or the desire to pee urgently or often. – Vomiting and nausea. – There is a fever. – Infants who do not flourish.

How are kidney infections diagnosed?

You’ll probably be asked to produce a urine sample to test for bacteria, blood, or pus in your urine to confirm that you have a kidney infection. Your doctor may also take a blood sample for a culture, which is a lab test that examines your blood for bacteria or other organisms. 26.08.2020

How does pyelonephritis affect the kidneys?

Acute pyelonephritis is a serious kidney infection that occurs suddenly. It causes the kidneys to enlarge and destroy them permanently. Pyelonephritis is a life-threatening condition. Chronic pyelonephritis is a condition that occurs when episodes are recurring or persistent.

What is acute pyelonephritis kidney?

Acute pyelonephritis is a bacterial infection of the kidney parenchyma that may be life-threatening and typically results in renal scarring. The germs in these situations mainly come from the lower urinary tract, but they may also enter the circulation and reach the kidney. 01.07.2021

What renal structures are destroyed in pyelonephritis?

The lining of the renal structures into which urine drains, the renal pelvis and the calyces, may be inflamed in acute pyelonephritis. Some of the nephron tubules (urine-producing structures) may be damaged, and abscesses may develop in the kidney tissue.

When are kidneys stimulated to produce renin?

The following three variables promote the production of renin: When pressure sensitive sensors (baroreceptors) in the arterial arteries sense a drop in arterial blood pressure. When the macula densa in the juxtaglomerular apparatus detects a reduction in sodium chloride (salt) in the kidney. 26.06.2019

When does kidney produce renin where is it produced in kidney?

Where does renin come from? Renin is a protein generated by the kidneys. Renin is released into the circulation when your systolic blood pressure drops or your kidneys detect that you are dehydrated. 17.02.2022

Which of the following statement is true for aldosterone?

B is the right answer. It causes the kidneys to retain more salt. The mineralocorticoid hormone aldosterone is the most significant mineralocorticoid hormone released.

How does antidiuretic hormone affect the permeability of the collecting ducts to water quizlet?

ADH improves the collecting duct’s water permeability, which implies that water flows from the collecting duct into the blood, reducing the amount of fluid in the collecting duct. The salt content of tomato juice is comparable to that of blood plasma.


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The “into what part of the nephron is plasma filtered?” is an important sign of renal trauma. This can be caused by a variety of things, such blunt force trauma or uncontrolled bleeding.

  • which of the following phrases describes the granular cells of the juxtaglomerular complex?
  • which vessels closely surround renal tubules?
  • select the deepest layer of supportive tissue that surrounds each kidney.
  • all of the following functions are carried out in the renal tubules, except
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