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What’s the Book About?

Annie Sisk, the author and coach behind Trauma Dolls, is currently working on a book: The Trauma Doll’s Guide to Living Beautifully With Chronic Pain.

Annie believes every Doll has a story. Hers began over ten years ago with  a diagnosis of scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, and fibromyalgia. For four years she scoured the planet for treatment options that didn’t involve medication, from acupuncture to qi gong.

When that approach didn’t work, Annie finally broached the subject of medication with her doctor. After a little trial and error, she began taking tramadol and has been taking it gratefully ever since. (For more on Annie’s personal story, check out the “About the Author” page on this site.)

The Trauma Doll’s Guide will explore the full gamut of pain-coping techniques and options in a non-judgmental way as objectively as possible (given Annie’s admittedly big love for the little white pills she believes saved her life).

More than a self-help book, though, the Guide will show women with chronic pain how to live big, gorgeous, crammed-full-of-joy lives, in spite of the obstacles chronic pain places in their paths.


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