Watch this video, if you can. Warning: MAJOR trigger warnings for rage, high blood pressure, and accompanying symptoms due to medical personnel assuming ER patients who ask for medication for pain are criminal drug-seekers and addicts. (In short, your average visit to a new doctor or pharmacist.) EDITED TO ADD LINK: Some folks are reporting difficulty […]


Chronic pain – whether it’s from fibromyalgia, RA, ME/CFS, or any other illness – ought to be enough for any lifetime. It really, really oughtta be enough. It should entitle us all to a free pass for life from all colds, influenza, sinus infections, stomach bugs, and other manner of conventional temporary illness. Yet, sadly, […]

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Lifestyle Changes to Ease Chronic Pain (Guest Post: Dr. Lynn Webster)

Note: This is a guest post for Trauma Dolls by Dr. Lynn Webster. Chronic pain is a life-altering condition, affecting every aspect of a patient’s daily routine. Its invasive nature makes adapting to life with the condition difficult for pain sufferers. However, adjusting your lifestyle can help you find more relief and improved quality of […]

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A New Year – A New Plan

Happy New Year! I just finished doing something I’m a little ashamed to admit I haven’t done in months. I exercised. Not much, mind you. I used to work out regularly. Thrice-weekly hour-long yoga sessions, twice a week hour-long sessions at a gym on an elliptical and with the free weights, daily half-hour walks. Before […]

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WEGO Web Health Activist Awards Now Accepting Nominations

Yeah, I have no idea what that trophy is in the picture. But you can give something even better to someone worthy of a little praise: one of WEGO’s Health Activist Awards. They’re looking for the best bloggers, Twitter users, speakers, and activists of all persuasions. You can nominate anyone you like, whether that’s a […]

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Guinea Pig Reports: Turmeric & Curcumin

Our first GP Report is here – and our first candidate in the completely unscientific, non-double-blind, un-controlled Trauma Dolls trial is turmeric. The Experiment Turmeric & curcumin. Specifically, turmeric & curcumin capsules. These, to be precise. Turmeric Curcumin Gold from Nutrigold, 500 mg capsules, 2x daily. Cost At the above link (Amazon), the bottle of 120 […]

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Medical Marijuana: The Next Wave of Pain Patient Abuse?

So, yesterday, I’m scrolling through the email news alerts I save up through the course of the week as a matter of habit. And I see this one subject line that kinda pops out at me: Marijuana Users More Likely to Abuse Opioids Now, what the linked-to article actually indicates is that a recent study indicates there […]

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Just Call Me “Subject A” – or Guinea Pig. Guinea Pig Works, Too.

So I’ve been thinking. A lot. About a lot of things, but mostly – lately, anyway – about my relationship to my health. All this brain-drain was prompted in large part by the growing realization that I was no longer happy or contented with the status quo. But I wasn’t ready to do anything about it – […]

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Ehlers-Danlos Dolls: NEW STUFF FOR YOU!

Thanks to a super email from an Ehlers-Danlos Doll, we’ve got not one but TWO new additions on the ED resources page here at Trauma Dolls! Go check ‘em out!

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Chronic Pain and Social Security Disability Benefits (Guest Post)

Note from Annie: Today’s post is a guest post from Molly Clarke, and I think it’ll offer some answers to questions a lot of Dolls have about Social Security Disability – enjoy! Chronic Pain and Social Security Disability Benefits When most people think of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, they imagine someone unable to work […]

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